Investment Model

Clarke Group operate on a joint venture basis and raise funds via Information Memorandum exclusively through Wholesale Investors. An explanation of the Clarke Group investment model is below.

Step 1:

Clarke Group identifies a potential studio development and proceeds to get the site under contract to raise joint venture capital and commence due diligence on the site.

Step 2:

Clarke Group completes due diligence and a private funding round. To date Clarke Group has raised approximately $9m in wholesale investment. The average return on investment to investors has been in excess of 100% on all projects to date.

Step 3:

The Investors and Clarke Group enter into a joint venture arrangement settling the land and the parties proceed with developing the property into Studios. The property is then let out and retained for cashflow until a sale takes place.

If you are interested to invest we invite you to make contact with us through our expression of interest page.

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