Key Personnel

The Clarke Group team are dedicated to the development and growth of the residential centre business model. Their skills tackle the requirements of modern property development where the developer is the centre point of a vast team of experts all pushing forward to achieve the project at hand. Clarke Group also operates a subsidiary property management company that employs three staff to manage the investment portfolio trading as StudioHomes located in South Auckland. More on StudioHomes:


Austen Clarke - Managing Director

MBA (Distinction)

Austen Clarke, the founder, originally started his property development career in Hamilton, New Zealand in 2001. He officially formed the Clarke Group in 2013, in order to leverage his time effectively by bringing skilled and trusted team members into the business to work alongside him, so that the business could grow appropriately.


Chris Sutherland - General Manager

BSc(Tech) (Hons)

Chris Sutherland joined the Clarke Group in early 2014, having previously managed complex, highly technical refits of super yachts to exacting standards in the shipyards of France and Italy. He now brings his project management experience to Clarke Group, where he oversees project developments and property management.



Finn Puklowski - Investment Manager

Finn Puklowski joined the Clarke Group in mid 2015 to locate new projects as well as structuring debt and equity in new developments. Finn is also actively involved in creating a new arm of the business, a special purpose equity raise for the purpose of taking on more ambitious developments. Finn is the main point of contact for all investors looking to partner with Clarke Group.

Aoife Lennon - PA to the Director

Aoife Lennon joined Clarke Group in 2017 to take support management in organising and coordinating their daily meetings and office. Aoife comes from Northern Ireland and has a receptionist and personal assistant background. She has previously played international football for Norther Ireland's female team and is currently residing in New Zealand and building a life here.


Jerry Faifua - Property Manager

Jerry is a recently joined member of the Clarke Group. He is one of the 3 strong team of property managers managing the Clarke Group portfolio. Jerry has a strong background in customer services and prides himself in personal fitness and exceeding in life.

Zhongdao Hu  - International Marketing Specialist

Hugh joined the Clarke Group in the early stages of expansion and has been an instrumental part of internationalising Clarke Group and opening up the business to foreign equity investment. Hugh is originally from China and has used his language, experience and qualifications to manage all Chinese Investor communications. Hugh is a valued member of the team.

Sam Martin - Accountant

Sam is a seasoned accountant. He is experienced in preparing and analysing all financial information in various industry sectors. Sam provides all internal accounting functions for the Clarke Group and subsidiaries and is a full time Clarke Group Employee.  He has  a double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Auckland. Sam is also Xero Certified.                      

Sammy Carleton - Property Manager

Sammy Carleton joined Clarke Group in September 2016 as a Property Manager to assist the growing property management division that now manages nearly 200 studios across Auckland.  She is the first point of contact for all new rental enquires. Sammy has a talented background that boasts over 10 years’ retail experience. Sammy is an absolute asset to the business.


Natalia Rozova - Project Manager

Natalia  joined  the Clarke Group in the mid 2016. She oversees the software development of a Clarke Group start-up, as well as advises on marketing initiatives. Natalia has a strong background in marketing and product development. She has a masters degree in Marketing and is currently studying Economics.


Clarke Group also maintains a property management arm located in South Auckland named StudioHomes. StudioHomes employs three full time property managers who manage 184 tenancies. more on StudioHomes at